About Us

Hello and welcome to Crypto to the Masses! Our mission is simple: to decode the often obscure and mysterious language of cryptocurrency into plain old English that all of us can understand.

‘Cause let’s face it: Blockchain technology may be one of the most groundbreaking, revolutionary things to transpire in our time – but it does leave many of us scratching our heads as to exactly what it is and how we can benefit from it.

So if you’ve ever read an article on cryptocurrency only to walk away with lower self-esteem and questioning your reading comprehension skills – it’s not just you. There’s tons of us who are normally very smart people – we swear! – who have had more difficulty wrapping our heads around the concept of cryptocurrency than we’re willing to admit.

But this cryptocurrency movement is too crucial, too thoroughly impactful to ignore, no matter how many annoying new terms there are to learn. Which is why we exist: so everyone – even your mom – can learn to speak crypto fluently enough to partake wisely, meaningfully and without falling into the traps, myths and hype surrounding this new phenomenon.