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Real Life Blockchain Use Cases: 10 Industries That Blockchain Will Totally Disrupt

By Cam / October 20, 2017

Blockchain is disruptive. You know this because everyone keeps saying so – in fact, it’s all over the media. The Huffington Post says blockchain will disrupt every industry. Business Insider claims blockchain technology could be even more disruptive than Amazon was two decades ago. Tech Crunch was more tempered but even they think blockchain might […]


5 Stupidest Bitcoin Mistakes Made by the Smartest People

By Cam / October 12, 2017

As with any newfangled technology, many of us have made mistakes when it comes to Bitcoin. They span the range from the most common blunders to regrets about the times we could’ve bought Bitcoin and for some unlucky few, even include absolutely horrifying cases like losing millions of Bitcoin. And while all of the above […]


4 Common Cryptocurrency Investment Mistakes Every New Investor Makes

By Cam / October 4, 2017

Here’s the thing: Bitcoin and cryptocurrency investing is red hot right now. But it’s also a brand new phenomenon which means that the majority of investors and the media fueling them on have very little idea what this all means. So to account for the lack of real, insightful information – there is hype. A […]

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