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EOS Coin: Ethereum Killer or Sheer Hype?

By Cam / February 19, 2018

Curious about EOS coin and whether EOS cryptocurrency is a true improvement on Ethereum or just another crypto trend that’s destined to die out? Let’s deep dive into what EOS is, what it does and whether it’s worth investing in. Ethereum is no doubt the number one player in the smart contracts space. It is […]


TrustCoin: Financially Empowering the World But Is It Worth Investing In?

By Cam / January 28, 2018

With a name like TrustCoin, you can bet this is an ambitious cryptocurrency project. But what exactly is it and what does it plan to do? Here’s our deep dive into WeTrust and a full TrustCoin review. The first thing we want to point out before getting into the nitty gritty is that cryptocurrencies shouldn’t […]


Ripple Cryptocurrency: Pros and Cons and the Future of Ripple (XRP)

By Cam / December 21, 2017

Even amongst the sea of ambitious cryptocurrencies, Ripple is one that stands out. It isn’t quite the same as Bitcoin or Ethereum, though they all have similar goals. And in recent months, its valuation has been rising steadily. But why? What is Ripple? Imagine a world where your financial payments and transactions are conducted instantaneously and […]