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7 Scariest Bitcoin Horror Stories (And What They Teach Us About Bitcoin Security)

By Cam / October 29, 2017

One of the most revolutionary things about Bitcoin is that it allows you to be your own bank. But as Uncle Ben wisely pointed out, with great power comes great responsibility. And for many of us password-forgetting, key-losing, sleep-lacking, and generally scatter-brained folk, Bitcoin’s non-reversible, decentralized structure can be a blessing as well as a […]


5 Stupidest Bitcoin Mistakes Made by the Smartest People

By Cam / October 12, 2017

As with any newfangled technology, many of us have made mistakes when it comes to Bitcoin. They span the range from the most common blunders to regrets about the times we could’ve bought Bitcoin and for some unlucky few, even include absolutely horrifying cases like losing millions of Bitcoin. And while all of the above […]

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