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Cryptocurrency Use Cases: 3 Words That Can Make or Break a Coin

By Cam / November 11, 2017

You’ve probably heard the term “use-cases” a lot if you’ve been doing your research on cryptocurrencies. And for good reason – it’s an important term to get your head around because it is one of the major factors that will decide the success of the crypto project. But what does it mean exactly? As you […]


Is It Too Late to Invest in Cryptocurrency? Nope, It’s Just Getting Started

By Cam / October 25, 2017

Satoshi Nakamoto brought Bitcoin into the world way back in 2009. That’s a long time ago, especially when it comes to technology. Even in 2010, a year after its introduction, Bitcoin was a word that was known only to a tiny group of people who had technical interest in the idea of cryptocurrencies. Now, many […]


4 Common Cryptocurrency Investment Mistakes Every New Investor Makes

By Cam / October 4, 2017

Here’s the thing: Bitcoin and cryptocurrency investing is red hot right now. But it’s also a brand new phenomenon which means that the majority of investors and the media fueling them on have very little idea what this all means. So to account for the lack of real, insightful information – there is hype. A […]