EOS Coin: Ethereum Killer or Sheer Hype?

By Cam / February 19, 2018
eos cryptocurrency

Curious about EOS coin and whether EOS cryptocurrency is a true improvement on Ethereum or just another crypto trend that’s destined to die out? Let’s deep dive into what EOS is, what it does and whether it’s worth investing in. Ethereum is no doubt the number one player in the smart contracts space. It is […]

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7 Greatest Bitcoin Regrets of All Time

By Cam / December 10, 2017
bitcoin regrets

Ever find yourself looking at Bitcoin prices and ardently wishing you had a time machine? Oh, like every minute of every day? Us, too. Alas, there’s no going back in time to scoop up Bitcoin at mere cents but one can fantasize. Or read about the bigger Bitcoin regrets of other people and enjoy a […]

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