15 Strange and Surprising Things You Can Buy with Bitcoin

By Cam / December 1, 2017
things you can buy with bitcoin

You may have noticed an upswing in Bitcoin talk recently, especially if your usual online haunts are even tangentially linked to the world of cryptocurrency – this is because the little coins have boosted the entire cryptocurrency market to a record high valuation. This is all exciting and whatnot, don’t get me wrong, but the […]

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Investing in Bitcoin? 7 Things You Must Know Before You Buy a Single Satoshi

By Cam / November 15, 2017
investing in bitcoin

Interested in investing in Bitcoin? Join the club. Despite its volatility, Bitcoin is luring in record numbers of new investors with potentially huge rewards. Consequently, cryptocurrency exchanges are overwhelmed. Recently, Coinbase reported it now has over 12 million users – 100,000 of whom were added within 24 hours. Bitcoin’s market cap is also soaring and has […]

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